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The Association is apolitical, non-profit and is open to all those who intend to practice the association activity, it is characterized by the democratic nature of the structure, the electivity and the gratuitousness of the membership offices. In order to achieve the association's aims, the Association may avail itself of the collaboration of professionals, employees and / or self-employed workers, may pay compensation and reimbursements in accordance with current legislation.

In particular, the institutional aims of the association are:

- the development, promotion, organization and dissemination of the activity of cultural, musical, theatrical, recreational, cinematographic, animation and artistic events and participates in them with their own members, if promoted and organized by other Associations, Public Bodies and Private;

- promotes and organizes conferences, debates, stages, conferences, competitions, prizes, etc .;

promotes and organizes training courses, professional updating and improvement of animation, singing, fashion, acting, dance, painting, photography, music.

- the preparation of shows, acting in compliance with current legislation; the members are not recognized any emolument, except for the reimbursement of the expenses actually incurred and documented;

- the promotion of theatrical practice with the organization of refresher courses, also in the school environment, for the various specializations, mainly addressed to its members and those of associated associations;

- the promotion of research initiatives and dissemination of theatrical culture, also through the organization of conferences, events, competitions;

- the creation of editorial, study and in-depth initiatives concerning theatrical culture;

- carrying out activities that allow members to develop and promote their cultural enrichment, especially in the field of theater;

- the support to Bodies and Institutions that have ends in harmony with those of the Association and that operate in the cultural, artistic and tourist fields, proposing initiatives for the development of the theater activity and culture;

- the enhancement and development of youth aggregation and languages, also as a specific form of struggle against discomfort among the younger generations;

- the promotion of animation and aggregation activities (summer centers and play centers) aimed at children and teenagers, aimed at promoting correct and harmonious educational development,

- the promotion, in accordance with the needs of the members, of any other cultural activity. to promote and develop cultural activities, in particular in disciplines such as, by way of example but not limited to: dance, theater, fencing and stage combat; music and singing

- promote didactic activities for starting, updating and perfecting cultural activities through the organization and management of refresher courses for teachers, social workers, tour operators and entertainers

 - manage own or third-party systems used for various fields and structures;

 - actively participate in the preparation and management of activities related to the promotion and conduct of competitions, championships, events and meetings of a recreational, artistic, musical and cultural nature;

  - organize recreational and cultural activities in favor of a better use of members' free time;

  - The organization and complete management (animation, canteen and cleaning) of holiday centers, sports facilities, educational centers for minors, social centers for the elderly, shows, events, public and private parties, weddings;

- The entertainment of relationships and collaborations with other public and private entities, university, cultural, sporting, social and tourist institutions;

- The promotion of any other initiative suitable for the enhancement of the person's psycho-physical heritage, taking care, among other things, of the creation and dissemination of publications, advertising campaigns, marketing and communication campaigns, books, newspapers, magazines, development and production audio and audiovisual media, and anything else useful to enrich and spread the activity carried out by the association, as well as to improve the psychophysical health and social life of individuals and groups;

- manage own or third party plants, structures and premises of various kinds where to carry out the activity.

- manage a possible store for the exclusive use of members for the administration of ready-to-eat foods and drinks which becomes the meeting point and the place where the various initiatives of the association are conceived and organized;

in a complementary way and in direct implementation of the institutional activity, organize initiatives, collect sponsorships and resell to members only products related to the activities mentioned above to meet the knowledge, entertainment and recreation needs of the members.

For the achievement of

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